About Us


“I was that kid that constantly brought home critters, mostly garter snakes when I was younger as they were easiest to hide in small containers, were quiet and my father was terrified of snakes. So in my mind they were the perfect thing ever!!
Around 10-13 yrs old I heard a kitten crying, in a barn. I leapt into action and pulled apart the barns walls till I found it stuck in a wall and ran home with it before the barn owner caught me. When I realized how close to death he was & that I SAVED HIM I was hooked. Been breaking down walls for animals ever since.


Fostering is an incredibly rewarding way to help homeless pets. We mostly  foster cats and litters of kittens but we regularly need assistance with dogs and puppies as well. We provide all vet care and support you need to raise and socialize your foster pet.



Have you been looking for a fun way to help out the pet community? We’re looking for help with feral cat trapping, transportation, fundraising and cleaning assistance.
Please contact us for any available
volunteering opportunities.