Colony Control

Colonies Grow Fast!

Feral colonies often start with just one or
two stray cats that have found a source of
food and shelter. When allowed to breed non-stop,
two cats turns into twenty cats in the blink of an eye.
We can help get feral cat colony breeding under
control with Trap/Neuter/Return programs. ->


When you request TNR assistance, a Wagtime Rescue team member will come assess the colony and work with the property owner to trap as many cats as possible. The cats are brought right in for vetting and can often be released within 24 hours. ->
Please contact us for assistance!


When we’re able to, we remove as many potentially adoptable
cats from the colony and get them into homes. Many
younger cats come around to human interaction and
some adult colony cats who started out with a home
quickly fall back into being a playful, sweet house cat.
We are also able to raise litters with feral mothers and
re-release the mother after vetting if she is not adoptable.